Fabulous Find #1 - Shaved Wood Wreath (Country Living Fair 2010)

Shaved Wood Wreath
Well folks, my first fabulous find at the Country Living Fair 2010, was a gorgeous curled shaved wood wreath I stumbled upon not 5 minutes into the fair!

I was walking around and noticed this one tent with a frenzy of activity - I'm not kidding...it was ridiculous how crowded it was! They had a huge line of people waiting to pay and everyone, and I mean everyone, great natural goodies in their hands: wreaths, twig pumpkins, beaded acorns, corn husk gourds - just fabulous stuff!

So I worked my way into Nest's (www.nestgr.com) tent - if I'm ever in Grand Rapids, MI, I can tell you right now, I will make a beeline for this place!

I had my eye on two wreaths: a rust-colored one for fall and a green one for Christmas. I'm kicking myself now because I was wavering on the green one and now I think I "need" to buy it - I wish I could make a decision a little more quickly than I do - I tend to agonize over purchases and really...is it worth the needless stress???

And then a "bonus" for my stress level, was that I found out I needed to get in line with the hope that the had enough of them behind the counter! So begrudgingly and with fingers crossed, I got in line, hoping that I wouldn't get to the counter and have them say "Oh, I'm sorry, we're completely sold out of the wreaths."

Inching along, I could see the wreaths flying out of the line - would there be one for meeee????

Finally....I reached the counter and...yes!...one medium-sized wood shaved wreath for little 'ole me...and at a bargain (I think) of $35 bucks!

I've seen that Target currently has some red cone trees made out of similar wood shavings, but I have to say, I think my wreath is a little more solid.

I think it's fantastic...don't you?!?

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