Blue Spoon Cafe...Post Thanksgiving Trip to Madison, WI – 2010

Culver's Blue Spoon Cafe
On Friday we went to Madison, WI for the weekend - our favorite nearby getaway. We actually stay in Middleton, which is about 5-10 minutes away from downtown Madison and has a cute downtown. And if you are a mustard connoisseur, it is home to the National Mustard Museum ( strange but true...and heck, what's not to love about mustard!

Last year while staying in Middleton, purely by accident, we found a great cafe: The Blue Spoon Cafe ( Interestingly enough, it's owned by Culver's, but is not fast food - we just loved it.

We loved it so much on our trip last year, that we went to their other location in Prairie du Sac, WI - another cute downtown and headquarters to Culver's Restaurants ( The funny thing is that while we were there, I wanted to see the headquarters building. So we drove up to the building, apparently their brand new headquarters building, and we, OK, me, peaked in the window. Suddenly, someone came to the door and invited us in - it was actually the owners of Culver's - Craig and Lea Culver - and they were there on a Saturday, decorating for Christmas! They were so nice and gave us a tour of their new facility - Larry and I got such a kick out of it!

But I digress...

So this year we were quite excited to go to Middleton and go the Blue Spoon Cafe, only to find that it was permanently closed. I was completely thrown because it was so yummy (custard pancakes!) and packed with people.

The good news is that the Prairie du Sac location remains open and just celebrated its 10th anniversary.

Apparently the Blue Spoon Cafe is a test concept cafe and I hope they consider branching out to other locations...say Illinois :), because it's really, really good. And I hope they re-open in the Madison area, because it fits the area to a "T" - great food, artsy and just plain cozy.

So if you are in the Prairie du Sac area, go to the Blue Spoon Cafe for breakfast or lunch - you'll be in for a real treat!

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