Scott's Surprise Bday Celebration

I know, I's been awhile since I've posted - not for a lack of trying - it's just been incredibly busy lately - I swear it's not that I wanted to promote the pork picatta recipe for all enternity (although it is very good!).

The weekend of March 28th was something that Larry and I have been looking forward to for quite some time - Gwen was planning a surprise 50th birthday party for Scott. The plan was to have them fly out from NJ under the guise of a "pre-Easter" visit with Scott's family since the four of us would be South Carolina-bound during Easter.

Gwen had been planning the festivities for awhile and Larry and I were afraid that we'd blow it when the Scgwotts came in the night before for our regular Friday dinner-Rumicube-sleepover. Somehow we did not bungle the surprise...but did manage to sing a few tunes and laugh as usual.

On Saturday we went to Benedict's for our usual breakfast...still paranoid that we'd say something to clue Scott in. I actually almost gave Gwen a heart attack when I was talking about our upcoming family BBQ, but only said "party" and she rightfully thought I was talking about Scott's party - yikes - thankfully I clued in and said "OUR JULY!"

After breakfast we somehow started a whole conversation about Ipods and decided it was time for the Mays to live up to our techiness. So with the Scgwotts in tow...Larry and I bought one, right there, on the spot, which is pretty rare for us, since we research things to death! (We actually ended up buying 3 in total...long story).

Then with Scott and Gwen on their way, we headed home to get ready for the big festivities...somehow still managing to NOT spoil the surprise. I even asked Scott what he and Gwen were doing later that night - pretty smooth huh? Probably not, but it was my lame attempt at NOT wrecking the surprise.

On to the party!

A Pirate Looks at 50

Well we made it to Saturday night without wrecking the surprise birthday party for Scott!

Lar and I arrived early to help Scott's brother Eric decorate for the pirate-themed party (Scott is a huge Jimmy Buffet fan) while Gwen distracted Scott during the day.

Come party time, it turns out Scott WAS surpised and all was well with the world - although he did mention that the first person he saw was Dad and was wondering why Chuck was at Emmetts's!

The party was fantastic (great job Gwen!!!)with wonderful company and fabulous food!

Looking forward to seeing Scott and Gwen in South Carolina...hopefully it won't snow there!