Scott's Surprise Bday Celebration

I know, I's been awhile since I've posted - not for a lack of trying - it's just been incredibly busy lately - I swear it's not that I wanted to promote the pork picatta recipe for all enternity (although it is very good!).

The weekend of March 28th was something that Larry and I have been looking forward to for quite some time - Gwen was planning a surprise 50th birthday party for Scott. The plan was to have them fly out from NJ under the guise of a "pre-Easter" visit with Scott's family since the four of us would be South Carolina-bound during Easter.

Gwen had been planning the festivities for awhile and Larry and I were afraid that we'd blow it when the Scgwotts came in the night before for our regular Friday dinner-Rumicube-sleepover. Somehow we did not bungle the surprise...but did manage to sing a few tunes and laugh as usual.

On Saturday we went to Benedict's for our usual breakfast...still paranoid that we'd say something to clue Scott in. I actually almost gave Gwen a heart attack when I was talking about our upcoming family BBQ, but only said "party" and she rightfully thought I was talking about Scott's party - yikes - thankfully I clued in and said "OUR JULY!"

After breakfast we somehow started a whole conversation about Ipods and decided it was time for the Mays to live up to our techiness. So with the Scgwotts in tow...Larry and I bought one, right there, on the spot, which is pretty rare for us, since we research things to death! (We actually ended up buying 3 in total...long story).

Then with Scott and Gwen on their way, we headed home to get ready for the big festivities...somehow still managing to NOT spoil the surprise. I even asked Scott what he and Gwen were doing later that night - pretty smooth huh? Probably not, but it was my lame attempt at NOT wrecking the surprise.

On to the party!

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