Vist with Family (CT) - September 2011

Part III of our Connecticut journey was a stay at Lynette's and Steve's house. It was perfect because we were able to visit with Lynette, Steve, Nanna, Aunt Tessie and Uncle Walter, Mark & Beth, Therese and Chris and all the kids - so great to have a mini family reunion!

And on top of that we were finally able to see Lynette & Steve's house - believe me, I've been frothing at the mouth to see what they did in terms of renovating their ranch. Steve is a general contractor, and if I could do a "plug" for his work...I must tell you if you are in the CT area, you should hire him. As you can see in the pictures above in the kitchen and the family room, he's one talented guy! When I saw their kitchen I just wanted to pass out: vaulted ceiling, beautiful cabinets and granite galore! A total cooks kitchen. Steve's company is Space Builder's Inc. ( He even was patient with me with the onslaught of remodeling questions I threw his way!

Our visit was so relaxing: great accommodations, wonderful visit with family, fabulous food by Lynette, Nanna and Steve, and to top it off I was able to get my "dog fix" in by hanging out with Buddy, Lucy and Finster - I, unbeknownst to Lynette, Steve and Larry, was trying to figure out how I could "sneak" the dogs into our car without anyone noticing - oh how I wish Jack (our cat) would accept a canine roommate! I thought I took more pictures, especially of family, but I was so busy enjoying the visit that I forgot to take pictures!

Visit with Sill and Terry - September 2011

Part II of our trip out East was a visit with Sil and Terry, whom we love so much I wish we could "kidnap"/bribe to live in IL so we'd see them all the time! :) But if that's not feasible, a visit with them in CT will just have to do.

We had an action packed 1 night visit with Sil and Terry: a great brunch at the Great River Golf Club, a walk on the beach (oh how I miss the beach!) and a trip to the Orange Country Fair ( I love fairs...really, what's not to love about piglet races, tractor pull racing, corn dogs and a beautiful day in Connecticut!

Of course in staying at Sil & Terry's house we were treated to a gourmet meals - a seafood pasta dinner and a yummy breakfast - both would rival a bed and breakfast. Although our trip was way too short, we had a wonderful time. Upon leaving their driveway we already missed Sil & Terry. 

Can't wait to visit again.