Visit with Sill and Terry - September 2011

Part II of our trip out East was a visit with Sil and Terry, whom we love so much I wish we could "kidnap"/bribe to live in IL so we'd see them all the time! :) But if that's not feasible, a visit with them in CT will just have to do.

We had an action packed 1 night visit with Sil and Terry: a great brunch at the Great River Golf Club, a walk on the beach (oh how I miss the beach!) and a trip to the Orange Country Fair ( I love fairs...really, what's not to love about piglet races, tractor pull racing, corn dogs and a beautiful day in Connecticut!

Of course in staying at Sil & Terry's house we were treated to a gourmet meals - a seafood pasta dinner and a yummy breakfast - both would rival a bed and breakfast. Although our trip was way too short, we had a wonderful time. Upon leaving their driveway we already missed Sil & Terry. 

Can't wait to visit again.

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