Visit with Scott and Gwen - September 2011

In mid-September Larry and I made a whirlwind trip to New Jersey, Connecticut and New York, to visit family and friends. We managed to get everything in but it was sooo whirlwind it was too quick - wish we could have stayed longer.

Our first leg of the trip was a stop in Edgewater, NJ (next to the GW bridge and across the Hudson from NYC) to visit Scott and Gwen. We love visiting with the "Sgwotts" and especially when we are able to trek into NYC and explore, eat and just soak in the city.

We spent 2 nights with Scott and Gwen. Friday night we managed to swing a trip to La Vecchia Napoli ( in Edgewater, NJ.

Photos of La Vecchia Napoli, Edgewater
This photo of La Vecchia Napoli is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Scott and Gwen are regulars at this fabulous little Italian restaurant. The owners are so nice and you just feel that you are at home - fabulous food. I always order Linguine and Clams - best in the city! :)

Saturday we drove into NYC for the day. We managed to find a parking lot that wasn't ridiculous (I guess by NYC standards) and just walked around and took in the sites.

One stop was Eataly (, which is located down by the Flat Iron building. It's this amazing food market - just beautiful. Although, I will say it was too crammed with people, which I know is a good thing, but definitely hard to work your way through with all these people.

Since it was lunch time, we went up to the roof of Eataly to Birreria (, a restaurant and brewery. It was really nice to be on the roof, taking in the sun and enjoying the people watching.

Photos of Eataly, New York City
This photo of Eataly is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Unfortunately, the cheese and meat plate and salads we ordered were really pricey. Maybe, by NYC standards it's OK, but for us it seemed a lot of money for not that much food. But it was very tasty.

As we headed into evening we went to one of our favorite restaurants - La Palapa ( which we always try to go to when we're in town. Great Mexican food. Unfortunately, without fail, I always fill up on their fabulous guac and chips before my entree (grilled shrimp) arrives - and then I'm completely stuffed!

The visit with Scott and Gwen was way too short...but were on our way to CT to visit friends and family for part 2 of our trip.

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