On the Move...And a Bit of a Vent

April and May have been utterly crazy schedule-wise: our vacation in April, and then in May my business trip to Atlanta for my association’s biennial trade show and our weekend away for our 10th anniversary – I believe I’m actually running on vapors!

I’m trying to keep up the posts on a regular basis, although admittedly, I’ve fallen behind. I really enjoy the blog as this has become a creative outlet, as well as being very therapeutic for me.

Therapeutic, because, honestly, I come home from work most days and all I want to do is lie on the couch. And then I’m hit with the reality that...ugh...we need to figure out what we’re eating for dinner...then make sure I get all the crap I wanted to get completed that night: obliterating the ever encroaching dustbunnies, telephone calls, emails, Law and Order and HGTV, :), and then actually ticking off all my “to do” post-its that I write all the time, lest I forget (and never do) so I can actually get rid of them because they are everywhere! And then on top of that, I keep placing a book I want to read on my nightstand so on the off chance I might actually read an actual book rather than a magazine! And then the weekend comes and goes and...I’m right back on Monday backpeddling.

My point here is that I’ve been wracking my brain lately wondering how I see some women who appear to have everything together – work/home life, body, mind, clothes etc. – and I feel like I’m treading water just to stay afloat. Do you know what I mean? Don’t you know someone who always seems perfect in everything she does and perhaps you want to throttle and you feel like you are just trying to keep up or are wearing those comfy sweats entirely too often???

So this blog is my way of trying to organize my thoughts and talk about the things that I love to talk about: my husband Larry, renovating/decorating our house, our trips, particularly those with Scott and Gwen, what we do around town and cooking – because when I do that...suddenly all the immaterial things I stress about, suddenly goes away.

So that’s my little vent for the day...needed to get that off my chest...and yup, I feel better. And maybe, I’ll work on easing sweats out of my wardrobe...

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