Fabulous Find #3 - Punched Tin Framed Wall Art (Country Living Fair 2010)

Punched Tin Framed Wall Art
Rounding out my day at the Country Living Fair 2010, I found this great piece at the Great Stuff by Paul Antiques (www.greatstuffbypaul.com) booth. I loooove this punched tin framed wall art - unfortunately, I don't have a place for it yet...but I will!

This also was a hot item at the fair. I saw someone lugging one around and I had to make a beeline to ask where they found it - which, by the way, is no easy task - there were so many vendors I was getting dizzy!

Finally I found it and was the last person to grab this particular half-moon version - although, this is a reproduction, and like the wreath above, I believe  these were massed produced - not quite as "real"/homemade  cottagey as I'd like - wish things were hand-made still - but, heck, I like this and darn it, I was going to get it!

Thank goodness I bought this on my way out...because it was quite heavy and awkward to work my way through the crowds, out the gates, through the field to our car - tripping several times because, I will admit...shopping did me in!

Looking forward to the next CL fair - it's a must see!

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