Chicago Marathon...Gwen Rocks! - October 10, 2010

Chicago Marathon - 10.10.10!
The weekend of October 8-10, 2010 was a whirlwind event - it was the Chicago Marathon and Gwen was running in it!

So on Friday, Saturday and Sunday we spent the weekend with Scott and Gwen, their friend's Lisa, Wendy, Nancy, Wendy and Lisa's husbands Stew and Ron. Lisa, Wendy, Nancy and their friend Sharon was also running in the Marathon - I must admit I felt like a huge sloth!

Gwen, Wendy and Lisa
During the weekend Larry and I got to experience a marathon expo - at McCormick Place - I don't think I've ever seen anything like it - packed with people really, really excited to run an obscene amount of miles and they were happy about it! Seriously though, the atmosphere was really incredible to see any and everyone coming together from all over the world to accomplish the goal of finishing a marathon - it was really amazing.

Sharon, Lisa, Wendy and Gwen at the Expo
Can you find Gwen?
The day of the marathon was incredibly exciting - we were so proud of Gwen that she was taking on this huge endeavor. My only "gripe" was that we kept on missing Gwen during the race - FINALLY we found her at mile 13 - and Gwen and Lisa didn't look like they ran 13 miles already - they actually looked giddy - I KNOW I wouldn't look that probably would have to peel me off the street on mile 2!

The fabulous news is that all the ladies finished the race - way to go everyone!

Post Marathon with Medals!
Gwen, of course, looked like she hadn't even run the race yet, she looked so peppy - what gives??? :)

Gwen and Scott
Gwen, congratulations on your incredible accomplishment - we love you!

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