Thanksgiving - 2010

Ready for the Big Feast!
Once again Larry and I hosted Thanksgiving for Mom, Dad, Eric and Ma May - six people, and a heck of a lot of food...leftovers here we come!

All Set and Ready for Company
Somehow the stars aligned on Thanksgiving for me - it was a breeze and so relaxing. I have one hyphenated word of advice on how to do that: pre-planning.

I cleaned the house the weekend before and shopped for food, and set the table, made the pumpkin pie, gravy stock, and stuffing on Wednesday - just reheated them up the next day!

Festive Fall Pumpkin Pie
(need to use a crust protector next time, though)
On Thursday, I got up, had a leisurely breakfast, popped the turkey in the oven, and cut out the pieces of cheese with cookie cutters for a nice presentation for the cheese and crackers - soooo easy to do, and it looks really nice.
Cheese and Cracker Appetizer

Use Leaf Cookie Cutters for a Fall-Inspired Look
Mom and I divided up between the two of us the menu - so it was nice that she was doing the sides and I had my things to do - it just made it easy all the way around.

I actually had so much time, I really didn't know what to do with myself...a nap perhaps?

While the guys watched football....

Dad, Eric and Larry
...the ladies chatted.

Mom and Ma
Dad and Me
My only last minute prep was to make the gravy (using the stock and drippings from the turkey), brush the rolls with olive oil and herbs and heat up and reheat my made-ahead items.

The turkey came out perfect (I just realized I didn't take a picture!) and all was well with the world.   

The only "bad" thing that day was the temperature just tanked - it was frigid by the time everyone left - that's our lovely weather in Illinois!

It was just a lovely day.

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