Fabulous Find #2 - Rooster Prints (Country Living Fair 2010)

Golden Polish
 I am a huge sucker for roosters - always have been, always will be. Not sure why, since I didn't grow up on a farm (but I am a small town girl and ironically I did marry a farm boy), but I quite simply think roosters are just these lovely, regal creatures to just admire.

So much to my delight...after trapsing through the fair...almost passing out from the heat...I came across
Eric N. Fausnacht's Fowl Images (www.ericfausnacht.com) booth. Eric is based in Kintnersville, PA which I believe is near Allentown, PA. He was just lovely to talk to and had all these beautiful original paintings as well as prints for sale . I must have flipped through his baskets of rooster prints for 45 minutes, because 1) I can't make a decision and 2) they were all stunning!

Black Rooster with Black Mask

I settled on 2 prints, which brings to a close Fabulous Find # 2...at $10 for 2 prints - an absolute steal! They are just beautiful.

My two little gems are going into our shortly-to-be-renovated-bathroom - can't wait to use them!

Check out Eric's/Fowl Image's website because he's having a sale right now on his prints and you can take a look at his large portfolio of fowl!

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