Country Living Fair 2010

Country Living Fair 2010 (Columbus, OH)
I'll start this post by saying that I have an amazing husband in Larry. I've been wanting to go to Country Living Magazine's Fair since it first started 5 years ago - but there was always something going on, so I sat miserably by the sidelines and read about it after the fact in the magazine. But not this year!

Larry's birthday is at the end of September and we typically go away for the festivities. So I thought "Hmmm...away for the weekend...Larry's birthday...why not Ohio and the Country Living Fair!

Now, I'm a University of Dayton grad and I must say I'm a big fan of the Buckeye State and Columbus in general. So don't you think it would be a great idea? So I posed the idea to Larry and he said why not. Of course, feeling a little guilty that I finagled my way into going to the fair for his birthday weekend. I did look up on the Columbus Convention and Visitor's website to see if there were any "Larry-friendly" events. Well, luck would have it that on the very same property that the CL Fair was being held (the Ohio State Fair ground), there was an Oktoberfest....definitely right up Larry's alley!

So on the weekend of September 24-26, Larry and I trekked to Columbus for the 2010 Country Living Fair( (2010 Fair).

We headed to the fair on Saturday am - and I will say I was probably frothing at the mouth I was so excited. I wasn't able to sleep the night before because I had visions of all the finds I'd discover. I'm sure Larry thought I was a bit goofy/neurotic/etc. with me poking my head out the window with a grin on my face like some golden retriever with its tongue flappin' in the wind giddy at the wonders of the world (yep, I'm comparing myself to a dog) as we made our way into the fair grounds, cars lined up making their way to the parking area (will we be able to park???).

Finally we settled in to our space and I lept  out of the car, excited and....BAM...I see that everyone (I mean EVERYONE) has these little foldable shopping carts ready and waiting to take the fair by storm. I felt completely dejected because how on earth was I going to carry all my finds???

Larry didn't seem to comprehend the seriousness of my dilemma and we made our way to the front gate, me looking a little stunned because I was now completely unprepared.

As soon as we made it into the fair I managed to recover - there were all these tents with fabulous finds - I think I started to froth at the mouth again.

Larry took one look at the crowd and headed to the friendlier confines of Oktoberfest, where I know there was beer waiting for him with his name on it.

Let me first say, that I reeeaaallly enjoyed the fair. BUT, I swear I almost had a nervous breakdown with the number of people that were milling about - I think I started muttering to myself, that the "early bird" special that CL was offering for early hour entrance was probably a good idea.  

Huge Crowds! 
Crowds aside, there was anything and everything for people: great vendors, food and design demonstrations, Tanya Nyak of HGTV ( - which try as I might to see her lecture, I for the life of me could not find where she was speaking. Then there was the Country Vet (should have asked him a question about Jack, our cat), tasty food offerings and cute shoportunities galore!  

Love This Arrangement!
Benches And Starfish and Beakers...Oh My!
Tres Chic!
Why Not Ride In Country Living Style?
I truly was in awe of all the fantastic vendors there were and all the had to offer. It was a bit overwhelming,
because you had to make your way through each tent like a sardine in a tin can - and if you had bags with you, well, too bad!

By the time I made my way through everything (I hope I didn't miss anything) I was about to pass out - who would have thought that shopping could be so exhausting?!? Honestly, I originally thought I'd like to th e3-day pass, but if I did, they'd probably have to carry me out on a stretcher because I actually think I'd spontaneously combust - I'm not kidding! I guess I learned something about myself that day: hot day + lots of people + shopping = equals one hot mess of a Jill!

Seriously though, this was a fantastic fair and I hope we can venture back next year. And if the stars are alignedd and there is an Oktoberfest again at the same time in Columbus...we just might!

Next great finds from the fair...

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