Brewers Game & The Fruitless Search For The Schlitz Brewery - Saturday & Sunday, July 10 & 11, 2010

Larry and I love to get away on weekend trips whenever we can - it's a mini-vacation, not too far away and always hits the spot.

So we thought it would be fun to go with Mom and Dad to Milwaukee for a Brewers game - I'm sure Dad wished it was a Yankee's game, but we promised a great time in Milwaukee and said he'd love the stadium.

We hit the road early with breakfast in Richmond, at the International - great breakfast!

Then we thought we'd drive around Milwaukee - maybe search out a brewery tour.

Well, let me tell you brewery tours are hard to come by in Milwaukee! We thought we'd try to find the Schlitz Brewery and entrusted our "handy" GPS to send us on our merry way to hops heaven!

Well folks, after driving around forever with aforementioned "handy" GPS, we ended up in an abandoned lot - no Brewery as far as the eye could see - not even a stinkin' beer can!

So we pulled into a Walmart and found a guy to ask about the Brewery. Guess what? The Schlitz Brewery is gone and apparently years ago.

At this point we were all a bit weary of a tour and decided maybe on another trip we'd go on a Miller tour.

Our stomachs were rumbling so we thought we'd go to a favorite spot of ours: The Historic Third Ward District for lunch. I love this - it's artsy, gorgeous historical buildings, great shops and restaurants and the Public Market.

We had a quick bite to eat and headed back to the hotel for a nap - yes, I seem to need naps to function at night - sad, but true.

After the nap we headed to the game. Miller Park is just an awesome sight - whomever was the architect on this really did a fabulous job - and the retractable roof - quite cool!

Larry got some great tickets for the game (Brewers vs. Pirates) and we had a great time watching the game and eating crap food - OK, it was good crap food, but not the best for you. But who cares!

And to top off the night the Chorrizo won the sausage race (can't beat that kind of fun!) and the Brewers won - so it was a joyous night in Milwaukee!

Om Sunday, we were just going to work our way back home, but managed to make a few stops: an RV show we just happened up and a looooong trip to Golfsmith.

I love RVs. Never really been in one except when I was a kid, but it you put one in front of me I need to explore - the bigger the better - so this show was up my alley; and it was free, so hey, why not?

The Golfsmith stop happened as we were driving by a shopping center, Larry saw it and the car just miraculously veered towards it...and hour and a half later...Larry was just glowing. I'm not kidding, he was in some golf induced euphoria!

We had such a nice time this weekend - it was relaxing AND I got my RV fix!

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  1. I believe the description of the Golfsmith trip was quite was actually only about an hour and twenty minutes!