Last Day of Vacation & Back to Home – Friday & Saturday, June 18 & 19, 2010

Friday was our last full day of vacation and I must admit I had a bit of a panic attack because of the realization vacation was ending – why do they always seem to fly by?!?

Friday was a “tricky” day because for the last week, Scott, Larry and I were trying to figure out when to surprise Gwen with a cake celebrating her recent graduation from college, and with high honors, I might add!

Since we all hang out most of the day during vacation, this was going to be no small feat of deception…we had to figure it out!

So on Friday, I told Gwen that I was going to go shopping while she went for a run, which kind of looked like I was blowing her off and not inviting her to shop – but in the name of sneakiness…I had to! But I figured she’d forgive me later when she saw the cake etc…

The problem all week has been that I could not find a bakery in downtown that sold small cakes. And if we tried to make a cake at the house, that would be a dead-giveaway, so I needed to find a darn cake and quickly! One downtown store recommended a place on the outskirts of town, so as soon as I had a chance on Friday I took off on foot for said cake, hoping that I wouldn’t run smack into Gwen on her run – kind of tough to explain a big white bakery box to someone that you are trying to deceive!

So I literally was walking as fast as my little legs would carry me…not an easy feat since it was quite hot that day.

I managed to find the bakery, Willow Cakes & Pastries ( and just in the nick of time, because it was closing shortly. This place was phenomenal – I’m talking yum with a capital “Y”! It was definitely pricey, but again worth it. I selected several small cakes/treats for us to sample and off I went…Now if I could just get back home without the darn things melting!

That evening we did manage to pull off the surprise without a hitch. And Gwen forgave me for blowing her off that day, when she saw the tasty treats.

Our last night was celebrated with yummy treats, wine and of course games!

Saturday we begrudgingly packed up and our vacation was over. Larry and I headed to Lansing, Michigan for a Saturday night stay over and Scott and Gwen headed home.

It was another great vacation with Scott and Gwen. Can’t wait to see them on Labor Day weekend when they are in town!

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