Shopping & Golf - Thursday, June 17, 2010

On Thursday it was a division of sexes...Larry and Scott went one way (golfing) and Gwen and I went another way (shopping!).

I have to say that unless I'm missing some shopping mecca in Canada, I just was not experiencing great shopportunities! Maybe I'm "spoiled" because we have a lot of great stores by us, but honestly, my shopping experience was not that great this past week. I should state though that as far as ad cute local shops, there was a plethora of them in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Mass-available designer clothes (like the Loft and Ann Taylor) so much.

That being said, Gwen and I trekked to Niagara Falls again to hit an outlet mall. While they had some stores stores we were used, it was small, and well, there were no deals. And folks, I'm a deal kind of gal. If it's not a good price...I walk. And I was really bummed because they had The Body Shop, which I love and it was definitely not an outlet in my book - too pricey!

Since the outlet mall was a short stop, we thought we’d hit a local mall. This was an even bigger disappointment – there weren’t any familiar looking shops. And it’s not that I wouldn’t be interested in something that I haven’t heard of…it’s jut that nothing even looked cute – I felt like I was in some time-warp of outdated clothes stores!

Later that evening we reconnected with Larry and Scott for dinner. Except for a few times this trip, I will say, and I think the 4 of us would agree, we didn’t have the best dining experience. And it wasn’t for lack of trying. Unfortunately, most of the places we went to were just…OK. And this night was no exception – after walking around Niagara-on-the-Lake aimlessly, we finally settled on a restaurant that had 1) a table without a wait and 2) outside seating. Like I said the food was just OK, not even worth mentioning the name and they had a very interesting interpretation of bruschetta…not in a good way!

All was not lost…at least we ended the evening with the Mays trying to squash the Sgwotts at Dominoes. However, I’m afraid the Sgwotts overpowered the Mays…stinkin’ Sgwotts!

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