A Evening In Wine Country - Tuesday, June 14, 2010

That evening we went to Deluca's Wine Country Restaurant (www.tonydeluca.ca) for dinner - right across from Jackson-Triggs and Stratus wineries - so it was nice to be in the "thick" of wine country for dinner.

I was so incredibly starved, that I pretty much hoovered my meal; not sure I was able to fully appreciate what I had - the 2ยบ Pork (slow roasted belly and tenderloin/yYukon hash/mustard jus) - although I will say that the food and service was excellent. I do wish, however, that the menu offered a few more entree options. I was avoiding the seafood because of my mussels fiasco of a few days ago and that only left me with limited options. But again, overall, it was a great experience. Great view too!

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