Off To The Falls...And S'mores! – Wednesday, June 16, 2010

On Wednesday we decided to get a little honest-to-goodness tourist action! Although Niagara Falls is definitely “touristy”, it is breathtaking.

It was very hot, but lucky for us, the constant barrage of the Fall’s spray kept us cool. Our coifs didn’t fair too well, but, if you are visiting the Falls, you pretty much should just give in to the fact that you will not look picture perfect at the falls – as you certainly can see in our pictures!

We decide to just park and walk around the Falls (Canadian side) for awhile and just take it all in. We went to the visitor’s center, walked out to the overhang to experience the spray and just took in the general splendor and awesomeness of this wonder – it really is incredible.

After being batted about by the spray, we all decided it was time for some appetizers and drinks – we settled on a restaurant overlooking the Falls. Ironically we couldn’t get away from the spray because it still hit is while were eating!

That night, we decided to cook out on the grill: chicken, veggies and…S’MORES!

Unfortunately because it was so expensive to buy groceries, we didn’t cook in as much as we’d like to that week, but this meal was excellent – thanks Larry and Scott!

The s’mores were yummy also, but we all decided that somehow they seemed to be easier to make when we were kids – still though…yum!

We ended the evening with playing Dominoes and drinking Konzelmann Pinto Noir – in my book…that’s a winning combination!

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