Fabulous Visit with Sil…And One Absurdly Talented Kid – June 26, 2010

This weekend marked the 5th weekend in a row of activity and I have to tell you…by now I’m running on vapors. But it was worth it…because we had a visit from Sil!!!

We of course, wished Terry here too, but it was a Ladies’ weekend, which, of course, is always fun.

Mom had Sil’s visit planned to a “T”: shopping, a play, fabulous food…and of course, lots of fun!

On Saturday, Carol and I joined Mom and Sill for quite a treat: Seeing Billy Elliott at the Ford Theater (formerly the Oriental Theater) in Chicago.

I’ve wanted to see this play for awhile, and having it at the Oriental Theater to boot, was an added bonus – if you ever have an opportunity to see a play in Chicago, go see something at this theater (I also saw Wicked here). It is honestly one of the most stunning theaters I have ever been in — so intricate with the details in the architecture and murals — they could not build something like this nowadays — the cost would be exorbitant! Chicago is truly lucky to have such a gem!

Before the play, we went for a quick lunch at Hub 51 (www.hub51chicago.com). Thumbs up on my meal, breakfast tacos, and the atmosphere was quite nice – very cozy, dark furnishings etc. – I’d definitely go back.

I won’t say that much about the play so I don’t give anything away, but I will say in was fantastic. And while everyone in it was fabulous, the boy who played Billy Elliott was incredible – I’m not joking when I say this – my jaw dropped when he performed. A true triple threat: actor, singer, dancer. I felt like such a sloth because this kid, and he was a kid, was amazing. I’m sure he will be a huge star.

After the play we were standing outside by the marquee and met one on the little girls who was in the play – purely by accident – we just saw her and her family and asked if they’d take a picture of us. We then found out by her parents that we just saw her in the play and she’s also already done Broadway…and she’s eight! Truly a nice family from Indiana and she was very sweet.

We headed to NOMI (www.nomirestaurant.com) for drinks before we met Brett for dinner at Spiaggia’s. Apparently, NOMI is the hip place to go and celebrities frequent their. We were seated in their wonderful rooftop terrace and I will tell you I felt…very short and…yikes…average. Not that I don’t have confidence in myself, but my gosh, everyone must have been 5’9” and a model! It was a great people watching place and the drinks were quite fabulous! Alas, we didn’t see anyone famous, but there’s always next time!

Dinner Spaiggia’s (www.spiaggiarestaurant.com) was the definitely a once and a lifetime experience - it's where the President goes when he's in town. The food was excellent and the service was amazing, although, I will say waaaaay too expensive. But again, a once and a lifetime experience.

This was an incredible day and I'm so happy it was spent with our wonderful Sil - thanks Sil!

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