Master Bedroom Lighting Options Sample Board

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Finding lighting options for the master bedroom has been a little trickier than I would like - there are way too many options and lamps are just pricey in general. I'm trying to find a style that will last in terms of style and fit in with our furniture.

For my dresser, I would like to use buffet lamps because 1) the dresser is not very long and 2) they won't overpower the dresser since they're somewhat delicate. Now of course I intially thought about going with a black base, but I like these with the aged silver base and a light shade. I'm open to suggestions if you know of any other lamps that might work.

For our bedside tables I'm torn between the 2 options you see. I like the classic look of the urn, but also like the more modern, yet still classic look of the crystal lamps. Pottery barn does offer a urn shaped base in crystal, so that might be another option or they also have an urn that has a creme base - I just can't decide. I will say that I am leaning towards the crystal based lamp with Option 2 - I like the fact that it's "light and airy."


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