Master Bedroom Bedding Sample Board

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I've been going back and forth with bedding - can't seem to make up my mind. We actually have a very nice duvet, and I'll keep it, but it's definitely wearing out, so I've been looking for a replacement that has a timeless feel, so it won't fall victim to being too trendy.

I love, love, love toile and this powder blue version from Pottery Barn. My plan is to have the toile in the duvet and euro shams, and offset that with powder blue standard shams, so it's not too white, because the toile has a white background. I also need to find an extra long bed skirt, hopefully a box pleat, to cover the under bed storage boxes we have - which is what happens when you live in a 1920s farmhouse - full on charm...low on storage!

I think to tie in the barn red pie safe, I might add an accent pillow of the same color and maybe throw blanket. I also need to watch that this room doesn't become too feminine, because, well, it's Larry's room too! Which also makes things interesting because I have my taste and Larry has his and the trick is to find something we both like, which is sometimes pretty difficult!

I still have to mull this one over a bit. The color I want for the walls are a light taupe and something I think will go with the powder blue toile, but then again, until I can actually see it together, it might be perfect only in my head but awful in reality.

I'm also having the same problem with picking a duvet as I am with the lighting...too many choices. I instantly put pressure on myself, because I want to love something, because once I buy it and use it...that's it baby...I'm stuck with it until it disintegrates. Oh the tortured life of a frugal shopper!

I've been working on all my sample boards in overdrive, because I'd like to get cracking on things and make it a reality. Looking back, the furniture was almost stress free, it's the finishing of the room that sends me into a panic, with the lighting, bedding, wall color, window treatments...and don't get me started on the accessories, that might really put me over the edge!

Well it's almost Friday, so I'm hoping to do a little window shopping and get the design juices going!

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