Let the Summer Activities Begin! - May 2010

It’s been a little quite here at a Farmhouse Revised…well, at only in blogland…because there has been a bevy of activities that happen in May and I’m just now coming up for air! Not even thinking about all the things we have to do in June, in May alone we’ve had Dad’s (May 1st), Charlie’s (May 1st), Mom’s (May 5th), and shortly Lydia’s (May 30th) birthdays; 2 anniversaries: Brett & Carol (11th) and Larry and mine (11th); planning for an upcoming neighborhood garage sale in June that I’m spearheading; Eric’s graduation from Notre Dame; and our anniversary trip to Madison, WI…I’m exhausted even thinking about it now!

And now that I think about it, May is just the start of the Summer “busyness” – so I better suck it up and hold on tight lest I be carried away with all the activity…at least I will be enjoying the ride!

Summer fun…here we come!

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