My New Love of Sample Boards!

One thing that I always seem to see on HGTV and in magazines is the use of sample boards. Sample boards are planning boards that designers use to map out a project and what they use to present to a client when they pitch their idea.

I was pondering taking a crack at this because I’m very visual and find that sometimes in my head things look a certain way/“perfect” but when I actually put the look together it doesn’t always work. So in comes the sample board!

Now, in my case, the “clients” are Larry and I and I’m not actually doing a real sample board that I can touch and feel, but instead I thought I’d try a virtual one where I could visualize things, switch things out and have samples of swatches on hand to help me.

So in the next post is my 1st attempt at a sample board (see next post). I hope you like it! And remember, feel free to comment - I love input!

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  1. Interior designers often create design sample boards that outline how they are going to design a room.