Excuses, Excuses

The whole point of me starting this blog was originally to show off our house projects, share about our vacations and post recipes because I love to cook. However, the perfectionist that I am, every time I went to take photos of our house, I’ve managed to come up with every excuse in the book not to. First it was “it’s cloudy/raining/snowing so the pictures won’t be good. Then I came up with a perfect one – which I do think is “legitimate”…the house needs cleaning. Justifying it as “Well, I can’t very well show photos of house projects we’ve worked on when the rooms are a mess!”

So, I’ve delayed and delayed. And I think what it comes down to is 1) laziness and 2) “fear” of my design efforts not being up to snuff. So I think I’m finally ready to tackle this fear, because, well, I’m not a designer and well, so there!

In working on our house we have and always will have (unless we add on/win the lottery) 2 constants: our house is small and therefore we must work within the constraints of small rooms and 2) we have a small budge and need to be thrifty.

But honestly, I like the fact that our house is cottage-like, i.e. small, and having a limited budget to work with makes you quite resourceful; it can be frustrating at times because I’m always looking for deals in order to purchase something, but now I make it a game/challenge.

When we first bought the house, I decorated with dark colors, which is what I typically fall back on – you’ll see what I mean when I post the downstairs photos. But after being in the house for 7 years, I think I have convinced myself that going “lighter” in our house is the way to go, as well as maybe tweaking the “first” makeover we did. In addition, we were still using some “pre-marriage” furniture” at the time (actually we still have quite a bit of that, which is fine) and I just worked with what I had, with the thought that maybe someday I’d get the chance to purchase exactly what I wanted for a room instead of making a piece fit the room – it’s a little battle I have with myself, especially when you see all the nice design options out there. So if we ever put on an addition, I’ll hopefully get to change some things, probably much to Larry’s dismay, because I think he’s happy with things as is.

I do think that if I’m able to get things the way I want design-wise, I am the type of person who will be able to live with something for a long time – it’s just that initial “newlywed decorating” (now going on 11 years!) that I’d like to tweak and then I’ll be done – which would certainly free up my head which always has some sort of design idea floating around!

So my plan is to first post pictures of my current projects – the upstairs bedrooms and work my way down to the downstairs rooms, which were done first, but again, I’d like to change at some point.

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