Relaxing - Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday was a beautiful day. The guys went to go play golf and Gwen and I went to the spa - The Ospa at the Oban Inn - which was conveniently right down the street form the cottage; good for us, maybe not so much for the guys. :) I had a fantastic pedicure and Gwen went for a massage.

The Ospa ( was perfect - very relaxing and "spa-like" - honestly, if I won the lottery, I can see hanging out all day at a like the other half live. :) The spa was pricey, but unfortunately not out of the norm of spa prices in town - Niagara-on-the-Lake caters to the tourists, so I suppose I can see why it's pricey...but I don't have to like it!

Gwen went back to the spa for a facial, while I took a nap. I swear I'm turning into a cat, because naps are all I seem to do lately! Then again, naps seem quite appropriate for vacation!

We later met Larry and Scott at the golf club for drinks. It was a perfect setting: right on the lake, a beautiful view of the U.S., great conversation...and sun!

For dinner we went to Corks, right on Queen Street (the main road of downtown N-O-T-L) - nice meal, great outdoor seating.

Corks Restaurant
Unfortunately, I was still very queasy from last night's meal, so bailed quickly and headed for bed...but I did hear Larry, Scott and Gwen have a good 'ol time playing poker. Honestly, I was so happy just to be in bed and to sleep of the mussels-from-hell, that all I wanted to do was relax and be cozy in bed with a DVD and not move...and the seemed to do the trick!


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