Part 1: A Series of Unfortuntate Events (Or The Curious Case of the Cat Whom Almost Derailed Our Vacation) - Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cute...Yes. Evil?...Perhaps!
For the start of our vacation, Larry and I, "expert" car-trekers that we are, were confident, OK, maybe a bit too cocky, that we would make it to Toronto (the first leg of our vacation) in record time. Why wouldn't we? I'm usually the "wrench" in being timely for debarking on vacation, because although my vacation-packing-abilities have become more fine-tuned over the years, I tend to over think my packing and then I just stress out. But this time I licked the system - I actually started packed the weekend before! You should have seen me...I had all my clothes in piles on the guestroom daybed; I had all sorts of little containers, carry-alls etc...Rick Steves would have been in awe!

So what was the start of the "troubles?" Jack, our petite, and oh so cute, black and white fur ball! That's right folks...our free-loading cat almost single-handedly derailed our vacation!

Now, Jack, depending on the season, tends to have little quirks/habits that she spontaneously starts doing at night: playing with her milk tops, licking plastic so loud that I swear you could hear it down the street, and "whacking" our closet doors to get our attention...oh the fun never ends!

Now somehow the stars aligned for Jack and a perfect-storm of her OCD habits converged oh so perfectly 2 weeks before our vacation and somehow this pint-sized dictator pretty much almost destroyed her two "tenants" (in her eyes) - Larry and me (because, after all, it is her house) right before our much needed vacation!  

What we surmised well after the fact is that when we were getting ready for our neighborhood garage sale on June 4th, we had stuff strewn all over our downstairs (main level) of our house. Well, Jack saw all the clutter, put 2-and-2 together and thought we were moving.

Of course, said tenants (Larry and me), didn't put 2-and-2 together, so for every night for the 2 weeks before our vacation, Jack waited until 12:00am and continued her nightly blitzkrieg attack until we got up at 7:00am to (in this order): non-stop howl (we never had heard the particular octave before), lick plastic and magazines, beg for water out of the shower, slam the closet and bathroom cabinet doors with her paw, jump up from the floor to the bed and used my stomach as the landing pad (oh so fun when you are sleeping!) and then proceeded to use all 4 paws to walk across our faces, with kitty-litter, gag, on her paws! There has got to be some pre-mediation there - I mean, using ALL 4 PAWS to strategically walk across our faces...that's a skill folks!

And to top off her nightly repertoire of feline tricks, she ended the routine every morning...with me waking up and finding her either sitting next to me on my end table or by the door, in all her pear-shaped glory, staring at me! Just creepy! Particularly when she was on my end table - her face was only a foot away!

So needless to say Larry and I did not figure out Jackie's garage sale-somehow-equals-moving connection until pretty much waaaay into the 2 week period before vacation, so we'd been sleep deprived for quite awhile - not a good thing before vacation!

Oddly enough, Jackie didn't make a peep the night before we left for vacation. I'm not sure if it was...OK, I am pretty sure it wasn't the stern talk I had with Jackie at 9:00pm Thursday night for the love of God and everything holy to puuuleezee, give us a break and let us sleep since we had to get up at 3:00am. What actually sent Jackie into silence, was the realization/viewing Thursday night of the dreaded "black suitcase", that sent her into shear survival/panic mode of "Oh no...not again! They're leaving me for some world beyond the front door...I better be nice or they won't come back!" So I think in her mind she was being "generous" for the reprieve of her nighttime antics she granted us Thursday evening. However, it was lost on us, because, after all, we did have to get up at 3:00am!


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