In Toronto...With The "Wolfinfirkins" - Friday, June 11, 2010

When we arrived in Toronto we were met with an overcast view of the city, which unfortunatelt stayed with us the remainder of our stay there. But we were on vacation so nothing, not even a gray view of Toronto was going to spoil our vacation.

Larry and I zipped into the city looking for our exit. What struck me was, despite the recession, Toronto seemed to be in a condo-boom, which we always like to see, because we like to see people take advantage of city living - there is just so much to offer.

We got of the highway and were working North towards the Marriott Courtyard. So far, so good. We saw this very nice market, some great architecture, saavy dressed urbanites...this was our kind of town!

Ironically, Scott and Gwen arrived at the hotel not too long after us (they were driving up from NJ), so I suppose the series of unfortunate events helped syche our arrival times.

After cleaning off the day-of-drive-grime, we were good to go. It was Friday night and the four of us were in a new city....we were ready to hit the town!

Before we left for dinner, we went for drinks in the hotel's lobby. Since we had not a clue where to go for dinner we asked the bartender where a good Italian restauant was. She recommened a place (I think it was called Oro) on Elm Street and we headed on out.

We had a nice walk to the resturant and arrived at Elm Street. Now that I think about it, we went right passed Oro (it actually looked great), because we saw a restaurant, Donatello's (, which had this beautiful rooftop patio, so we made a beeline for it.

Now, since it was Friday night and we didn't have a reservation, I think we were all worried we'd have a horrendous wait, particularly since we were all starved. But the stars alligned for us (not like earlier in the day!) and we were able to not only get table, but to get one on the upstair patio.

All our dinner were great - I had linguini with clams and it was fabulous!

We seemed to linger there for several hours - eating, laughing, eating, drinking a great pinot, drinking some more, laughing - it was was just so relaxing to unwind in a great Italian restaurant, in a new city, with our wonderful friends; can't get better than that!

And yet it did, because the fun continued next door at the Wolf & Firkin Pub next door.

I'm not sure when we noticed the sign, either on the rooftop during dinner or while we were leaving the restaurant and decided to stop for drinks after dinner, but when we all saw the Wolf & Firkin Pub sign, we just thought it was hysterical. Could it had been the combination of a long day's drive, too much pinot or just plain-ol'-slaphappiness, we just we're rolling everytime one of us said the name. At one point we were calling each other the Wolfinfirkin's - much more catchy than the "May's" or the "Oroleks" don't you think?

We took a leisurely walk back to the hotel, taking in the fabulous nightlife of Toronto.


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