Cedarburg – September 11th

For awhile now, Larry, Mom and Dad V. and I have been planning a weekend away to Sheboygan, WI. Well, we finally got our acts together, set a date and booked a weekend in Sheboygan – the brat (as in bratwurst, not the ornery kid kind) capital of the world to anyone not up on brat history. :)

Mom and Dad came early and despite the threat of a tire that was losing air, we headed out to breakfast at the Cubby Hole in Richmond – a great little breakfast/lunch joint if you are ever in the area.

The plan for Friday was to head to Cedarburg, WI (a great little quaint town North of Milwaukee) so Larry and Dad would plan 9 holes of golf and Mom and I could window shop (read: shop).
So the ladies were dropped off on the main street, credit cards in hand, and we were on our way.

It was so nice for Mom and me to just walk, go to the farmer's market, check out the stores, browse and chat. It was a beautiful day and it didn’t even matter if we found anything to buy, we were just having fun.

So we actually just went in and out of the shops and stopped for lunch at this great little sandwich shop right next to the river. Lunch was pretty tasty and it was nice to just bask outside in the sunlight. Our "entertainment" during lunch was this awfully bold chipmunk, who literally came within an inch of me begging for food. Me being a giant next to him, I probably shouldn’t have been intimidated, but boy was he fast – I was a bit paranoid throughout lunch, because I was just waiting for him to walk up my leg or something!

After lunch we went to one of my favorite places in Cedarburg, the Downtown Dough (www.downtowndough.com), which is this fabulous specialty shop that has all the cookie cutters, bakery supplies etc. you could imagine. They also have frozen cookie, bread and pizza dough that you can buy. So we stocked up on some cookie cutters and sprinkles and were just in awe at the choices of cookie cutters. If you can’t make it to Cedarburg, check out their website, they ship nationwide.

One thing that we didn’t do this trip, but I wanted to plug, is a place that Larry and I have dined at before: Morton’s Wisconsin Inn (N56 W6339 Center Street, Cedarburg, WI 53012. Phone: 262-377-4779). This is truly a wonderful local Wisconsin tavern/supper club – large portions and really reasonable prices. I was in heaven when I had their petite filet, with sautéed mushrooms and garlic mashed potatoes – yum! I’m actually getting hungry as I write this!

We met up with Larry and Dad around 3:00pm – they had a great time and Larry informed us that Dad completely trounced him at golf!

We worked our way up to Sheboygan to check into the condo we rented for the weekend. It was in a fantastic location, right by Lake Michigan and directly on the canal that leads out to the lake - you can watch the fishing boats go by etc. Although, note to self for next time, we failed to realize that when we booked the place we were facing a parking lot and not a nice view of the canal. We technically had a "lake view", but the Blue Harbor Resort was directly in front of the condo, so really all we were able to see was a nice sea of black top and a big white hotel!

The condo building itself was nice, but I will say they chintzed out on the decor - circa 1980 even though a new building.

When we went to dinner we were able to walk along the canal and watch to boats come in for the night - it looked so much like a New England fishing town, the Vassallo part of the party was in heaven.

Dinner was at the Mucky Duck (www.muckyduckshanty.com)- love the name! - which is this cozy restaurant right on the water - located in one of the old fishing shanties. It was Friday Night Fish Fry - can't go wrong with that!

We were hoping to play Dominoes when we got back to the condo, but we were all wiped and went to bed. Somehow our Fridays always tend to end early because we pack so much in during the day.

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