Forty/[Insert Age Here] is the New Fabulous! - Februray 5, 2011

And to think that I still have some of my baby teeth!
I hit 40 in February. I somehow was expecting to feel different on my birthday, gaining some remarkable clarity as I entered this new decade. However, the day was just a day – I didn’t necessarily feel any different except towards the end of the day, really the evening when I seem to ponder life’s great mysteries as I fall asleep, I suddenly was hit with the realization…that I’M FORTY!

That declaration then turned into a 5 minute panic: “Get in shape! Do all your unfinished projects! Start using sunscreen!

Well after I calmed down and vowed to do some if not all of these “projects,” I did have a moment of clarity about turning 40: while I may not be the most confident all of the time with everything in my life, there is something about the latter part of your 30s and I suspect moving into your later years, that you just accept things that you cannot change and you realize that you just might be fantastic just the way you are, even if it means you aren’t 5’8’’, a size 0 and haven’t won the lottery.

Larry HUGELY surprised me with a party at Duke O’Brien’s in Crystal Lake and later a cruise in June.

It was a wonderful night, although Mom was not able to make due to being under the weather – but we were able to keep her in the loop via a play-by-play by phone.

Thanks to everyone, Family and friends, who came to celebrate – I was completely surprised and had a fabulous time!

Enjoy the photos!

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  1. Happy belated birthday Jill! Looks like you had a wonderful surprise party. Good job Larry! I surprised Val when she turned 40 with a party at the Dells. Her whole family was there and it was a lot of fun. Time goes fast and now we're both looking back over our shoulders at 50. Hope you have a great rest of the year and you did such a nice job with your blog!
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