A Lesson from Seinfeld

"This was supposed to be the summer of George!" - George Costanza

When 2011 rolled around, I had in my head that this was going to be the "Year of Jill."

I was turning 40 in February and, well, my thought was it's time for me to get in shape, embrace the new decade, climb a mountain (not really), blah, blah, blah. Kind of like a New Year's resoultion but longer - which I do every year and...do they ever even last???

Well as soon as I had this new mantra in mind I then immediately thought "George on Seinfeld declared the 'Summer of George' and you know how well that turned out!

Well the start of 2011 did in fact start off with some blips and then it was suddenly June - so I'm FINALLY at a point where I can now play catch up with my posts...so bear with me.

Glad to be back!

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