Eastbound Visit (Connecticut) - October 22nd

On Wednesday Larry and I hit the road to head to CT and NYC to visit family and friends. We arrived on Thursday, took a quick nap and headed on down Route 7 to visit Nana, Aunt Tessie and Uncle Walter. Yay!

We were staying in Danbury because the next day we were going to meet my friend Veronica and her husband Michael for breakfast, so it was nice to work our way down to Norwalk and see what has changed and not changed in my old stomping grounds.

With my face glued to the window – Larry was driving :) – I was rattling off to Larry all the things that were familiar to me: the Danbury Fair Mall (a regular spot for me), Heibeck’s who has/had THE best lemon ice, Georgetown, the Wilton YMCA, the Parkway etc. Honestly, I was tearing up – everything came flooding back to me just how beautiful Redding and the surrounding areas are – obviously, you can’t take the CT out of the girl!

When we arrived at Aunt Tessie and Uncle Walter’s house, we did a hug exchange – everyone looked fabulous. Then the mini-reunion was expanded because Lynette and Steve came for the evening!

Larry and I received a tour of the recent updates to the house – the new wood stove (we’re jealous!) and the gorgeous Epay wood deck that Uncle Walter and Aunt Tessie built off the back of the house – just beautiful.

Nana made her famous stew (yum!) and we had this tremendous salad, which was fabulous. Larry and I had a great time catching up with everyone at the table and just filling in each other about who’s doing what etc.

After dinner, we watched a little of he Yankee game and headed back up to Danbury for the night.

Thank you Nana, Aunt Tessie, Uncle Walter, Lynette and Steve for a truly relaxing and fun evening!

We’re planning on coming out again in the spring, so hopefully we can see everyone for another get together!

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