A Night at the Lanes & Some Miffed Bowlers - April 16th

After the highlight experiment and a day at the spa...we were ready for some action Thursday night...bowling.

OK, maybe it's not THE hot spot at night in Beaufort, but we thought it would be fun to go bowling on our 2nd-to-last night in vacation.

So we headed to the bowling alley. When we parked, and this is important, there were only a few cars in the lot.

We walked in and headed for the rental desk. This very tall and menacing woman waited on us and we told her we want to buy individual games. She said, "you should do the special for XX dollars and you get unlimited amount of games." So due to her recommendation we went for it.

Then she assigned us to one lane, which we thought was odd because there was a couple next to us that had 2 lanes and we had 4 people.

We were having fun until half way through our second game, she announces the lanes are closing and we had to close out within five minutes.

We then realized we were completely ripped off because there was no point buying unlimited games if we were only going to make it barely through 2 games. They didn't even let us finish our second game!

We tried to complain, but honestly, you would NOT want to mess with this woman. So we were muttering under our breath all the way out..into the parking lot..out on the street etc. The only thing of course that would cure this was a trip to Friendly's...which managed to cure our frustration.

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